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Friends and Neighbors:

I have accepted an appointment to the Idaho State Tax Commission and have resigned from the Idaho State Senate.

I leave with mixed emotions. I have been so honored to represent the excellent people of District 17 for the last 12 years. It has been an absolutely amazing and unique experience. I'm very grateful for the trust you placed in me to represent you.

The appointment to the Tax Commission allows me to use the knowledge that I've gained for over more than eight years of service on the Senate Local Government and Taxation committee to better serve the state of Idaho. In my short time on the Commission I'm very impressed by the professionalism of the agency.

Fortunately District 17 has two excellent Representatives in Sue Chew and John Gannon to serve you. And my replacement will be selcted in the next few weeks and I'm sure they will join in Team 17 and continue the type of service that you've come to expect from the Team.

Again I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve the district and offer my heartfelt thank you for your support over the years.



Paid by Werk for Senate, Susan Eastlake, Treasurer