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Friends and Neighbors:

2014 Legislative session is over and the big question is what was accomplished?

I had a very productive session working across the aisle cosponsoring S-1357 that reforms the probation and parole system with a possible savings of over $200 million in the next five years. I also cosponsored a job tax rebate (H-546a) to spur job growth. And I authored a bipartisan bill (S-1240a) to protect your constitutional right to privacy by restricting collection of DNA during an arrest. I also made substantial progress on legislation that allows people to make a clean start after serving their time for a non-violent crime.

A huge disappointment was the lack of movement on human rights once again (Add the Words). I'll be engaged in quiet discussions with my colleagues to try and move this effort forward for 2015.

To read a fuller evaluation of the session prepared by Team 17 (District 17's three legislators) just click here.

The annual Team 17 Legislative Report and Survey will be delivered by a volunteer to your door in late April. I'll also be going door to door over the next six months to check in with you so that I can better represent you.

I'll also be working on legislative initiatives for job and economic growth, public school redesign, funding for BSU, Add the Words, and other issues. If you're interested in these or other legislative or community issues please feel free to contact me at:

Telephone - 208-332-1352
Email -
Team 17

Representatives Chew, Gannon and I (Team 17) have forged a strong bond and will be working together extensively during the coming months. Together we create powerful representation for the district!

Please take the time to visit the web sites of  Representatives Sue Chew at and John Gannon at

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If you would like to be placed on the Team 17 email newsletter list please email By signing up you'll receive legislative updates every two weeks during the legislative session and reminders about our forums and weekly office hours. Between legislative sessions you'll receive occasional updates to keep you informed.

It's truly an honor to represent you and District 17 in the Idaho State Senate.



District 17 State Senator



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It's an honor to serve you. As your State Senator I will continue to:

Uphold our shared values of hard work, integrity, fair play, civic responsibility, accountability, and equal opportunity
Support efficient funding of our public school system and value the input of all stakeholders to improve our schools
Continue my open door policy (legislative reports, surveys, forums, and office hours) with the people of District 17
Fight for a tax system that treats everyone fairly and supports critical services (like public schools, higher education, and public safety)
Defend our 2nd amendment rights

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